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May 20, 2021I made an animated gradient.

April 22, 2021An HTML sketchpad. Just doodling things I'm learning and elements I may want to reuse some day.

This does not existA big messy collection of .GIFs I have made.

This does not existA collection of drinks I have drunk. Nothing high-brow like tasting notes, but more of an excuse to make a typology. (Inspired by the ongoing thread in the Intro to Coding Slack channel.)

This does not existPhotographs of construction cones, doing things cones shouldn’t do.

This does not existAn elaborate maze of nested tables.

This does not existNotes to self. Regarding learning code? Regarding anything and everything in life?

This does not existWondering if there's a way to send "postcards" via a website. All this traveling I'm doing makes me wonder if there's a non-physical way to tell someone I'm thinking of them.